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Let's build a successful store and avoid the common mistakes

What product(s) will I sell?

This is one of the top questions I get, and I can honestly say that there are thousands of successful products to sell. In the course I will help you do product research to identify good products that have high potential of generating sales and most of the time very little competitiion. 

Why should I start an online store?
Selling products online is a simple and effective way to make a consistent income. As long as you can maintain a constant supply of products, and get those items to retailers on time, you can build a successful wholesaling business. Once you become the source and take care of your customers, they will continue to return to your store for more!
What does the course include?

We don’t teach you how to do it. You’ll get started on Day 1. 

  • We help you select a profitable niche product
  • We help you communicate with suppliers. 
  • We help you build a professional website
  • Design packaging, instructions, photography & video production
  • Guide you through adding your products to other marketplaces
  • Access to community of sellers also building their stores
  • Marketing Campaign coaching and strategy
  • Special guests including Instagram Influencers and successful ecommerce sellers

Let's make some sales!

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Who is this course for?

Ideally this is for individuals who want to build and develop an ecommerce store/brand either wholesaling products or reselling product from a manufacturer.

This course is great for motivated individuals who understand how to invest in their future. 

What makes this course different from any other sellers course?

In this course, we will be walking each of our students through the entire process start to finish so that by the end of the class, you can launch your store and get sales!

These are NOT lecture courses, either. This will be a hands-on course. Bring your laptop and let’s get the ball rolling in class. We’re building and learning at the same time. 

Results don’t lie. I will be showing you all the steps I took and fine-tuning your strategy to ensure that you are successful.

How long is the course?

The course will approximately be 6 months long. This is due to the variable time it takes to research products, and get samples from international suppliers. Each course will be on a flexible schedule determined by the students so that we move a pace that is comfortable for the participants. 

Good things take time. There is no rush to get it done the right way. 

How much should I plan on spending on investing?

Depending on the product you select, most supplier require you to purchase between 500-1000 products initially to ensure a competitive price. Assuming your product can cost anywhere from $5 – $20, you can do the math to determine the type of investment you may need to get started. 

The good part is that after you make your money back, your initial investment will be in the rearview mirror and will seem very small. 

Where will I sell my products?

Initially we will start off the selling the products on Etsy. Once we establish the presence on that platform, we will help you expand to other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. 

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